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About BookChums!

What is bookchums.com?

BookChums.com is a community site for book lovers. Our aim is “to connect booklovers across India”. As a first step to achieving that aim, we have started www.bookchums.com. This site provides a platform for book lovers to create and participate in book clubs online. The website focuses on the requirements of people passionate about books and engages them in the world of books through features like book reviews, blogs, forums, book trades and club events. 

Who is behind this venture?

Engage Medical India Pvt Ltd is an India-based technology company that offers strategic services to business organizations for their Web-based business initiatives. Whether your organization requires an overall "Web" strategy--one that encompasses all aspects of your business—or a more focused, horizontal strategy--one that is focused towards a specific audience, Engage Medical India Pvt Ltd will work collaboratively with your organization to plan, develop and manage a business site that meets your needs.

Engage Medical India Pvt Ltd’s strength stems from the fact that it is a customer-focused company first and foremost, with a deep-rooted understanding of Indian Web consumers, but with a solid understanding of rapidly advancing technology.  The company’s aim is to be “best of breed” in the battle for online consumer attention, and build vast, high traffic online communities, websites and processes for its customers.

Engage Medical India Pvt Ltd is headquartered in Pune, India and has its key business office in Washington, DC.

Sanjay Puri


Sanjay Puri is a recognized authority on US-India relations. He serves as the Chairman of the US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), a national, bipartisan political action committee representing over 3.2 million Indian-Americans. USINPAC works closely with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, as well as with the administration, to ensure that the community's concerns are addressed. USINPAC, through Mr. Puri's leadership, played a key role in the passage of the US India Civil Nuclear Agreement which involved galvanizing the Indian American community to work with the US Congress. Mr. Puri also hosted Congressional briefings on US-India Counterterrorism Cooperation, the first ever US-India Renewable Energy Conference on Capitol Hill, the Conference on HIV AIDS Cooperation between the US and India, as well as several briefings on immigration. His most recent initiative is facilitating a long-running series of webcasts entitled, "Indian Diaspora Leadership Dialogues" focusing on the recent elections in India and contemporary issues of interest to the far-reaching Indian-American community.
Mr. Puri is also the founder, President and CEO of the Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB). AUSIB is dedicated to strengthening economic ties between the US and India. Through his leadership at AUSIB, he formed a US Congressional Taskforce on US-India Investment and Trade Relations. Under his leadership, AUSIB has led over 25 delegations of business, political and higher education leaders to India. He has also hosted two of the largest US India education conclaves in 2011 and 2013 which were attended by over 100 education and policy leaders from the US and over 1,000 education and policy leaders from India. Recently, Mr. Puri organized key political and corporate meetings for PM Narendra Modi's US visit.
Mr. Puri was the Founder of Optimos Inc. a very successful strategy and enterprise information technology company that was sold in 2014. Mr. Puri started his entrepreneurial journey in 1994 through a grant from NIH and provided valuable solutions to a range of clients including the Library of Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, National Archives and Records Administration, U.S. Mint, and the National Labor Relations Board.
Mr. Puri is a frequent public speaker and expert witness on US-India relations and the political impact of the Indian-American community. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Times, on National Public Radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), CNN and Nightline.

Recent Appearances and Speaking Engagements
January 2015 -President Barack Obama's trip to India: Times Now, NDTV, News X, Headlines Today, CNN IBN
September 2014 - PM Narendra Modi's visit to New York City: Times Now
September 2014 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Washington, DC
May 2014 - National Public Radio(NPR), Washington, DC
August 2013 - International Leadership Foundation, DC
June 2013 - Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC
May 2013 - National War College, Washington, DC
April 2013 - House Hearing on Natural Gas Exports, Washington, DC
March 2013 - House Foreign Affairs Hearing, Washington, DC
July 2011 - United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC
March 2011 - Duke India Business Forum, Raleigh, NC
September 2010 - India Retail Forum, Mumbai, India
July 2010 - International Leadership Foundation Conference, Washington, DC
June 2010 - AAPI Conference, Washington, DC
April 2010 - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
March 2010 - World Affairs Council, Denver, CO
March 2010 - India Conference, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
February 2010 - National Public Radio, The Two-Way
October 2009 - International Relations Conference, Harvard, Boston, MA
May 2009 - India Leadership Summit, University of Chicago, IL
March 2009 - 13th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum, Philadelphia, PA
January 2009 - National Retail Federation Conference, New York, NY
July 2008 - Mountain States Hydrogen Bus Council's 4th Annual Hydrogen Implementation Conf, Laramie, WY
May 2008 - Tuck India Business Conference, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
March 2008 - Wharton India Forum, Philadelphia, PA
March 2008 - Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
February 2008 - Youth Leadership Symposium, Boston, MA
June 2007 - CNN, Paula Zahn
May 2007 - Wisconsin International Trade Conference, Milwaukee, WI
March 2007 - Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University